Remember me? That T:SCC writer that dropped off the radar like a few years ago and left a fic completely unfinished? So please give it a chance and let me know what you think—this could become a multi-chapter if the fan interest is there. The story takes place at the end of 2x09 "Complications": Cameron and John have returned from their search for Cromartie's body empty handed, but his protector hasn't quite forgotten her talk with John before Mexico and decides to make another attempt at getting Riley out of John's life.

I'm writing this under the supposition that John doesn't know Riley is from the future at that time, he's suspicious but he doesn't know. In my opinion he figures it out in 2x10 "Strange Things Happen at the One-Two Point," but it could be argued that he realizes sooner. I'm just playing around with the characters to content myself until we get a movie or something to finish the series.

Special Thanks: Mark Question —my lovely co-conspirator and sometimes inspiration take a read of his fantastic fic "Glitch". He helped with the edits of this monster and he's also the one that planted seeds of possible subsequent chapters to this one-shot in my head. Thanks so much, M! She could bide her time for days, months, even years if necessary to achieve her objective.

But her patience with Riley Dawson was waning fast. The blonde with the overdone bubblegum pink lips had managed to worm her way into not only her house and John's life, but now possibly even his bed. She held his hand, got him to laugh and smile—all things that made Cameron itch to follow the girl home one night, snap her neck and dump her body in the sewer or somewhere else equally appropriate.

But the worst of it was that John had chosen Riley over her.

terminator lemon fanfic

He avoided being around her as much as possible, had stopped talking to her unless it was absolutely necessary and there was a cold, bitter quality to his voice whenever he did speak to her now. And those changes in him coincided exactly with the blonde's first appearance.

Riley was a security risk.

terminator lemon fanfic

And while she wasn't a physical threat to John—he could easily overpower the smaller girl—Cameron wasn't blind to the growing distance Riley's presence facilitated between her and John. And that was dangerous to him, because if John didn't allow her to stay close to him she wouldn't be able to protect him. Needless to say, the female Terminator was more than ready to neutralize this threat.

Although she was unsure if neutral was the right word to describe her sentiments.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 1. The forbidden love between two cultures that do not see eye to eye.

The price that Cameron pays for the actions of others who can not understand her and lack tolerance. Who has true feelings of emotion? Cameron learns to express her feelings. Reviews are welcome. Cameron reflects on her life and the changes she is facing.

Cameron finds herself struggling with aging and a fear of the loss of John's desire for her as she faces a major medical procedure. The Most Important Thing by tvdspnlover reviews Kat had one mission her entire life. Protect John and Sarah Connor. She had never thought before what it could cost her, but after jumping forward in time and meeting Derek Reese, she begins to question everything. Secrets are revealed and relationships develop, but who will survive?

Scars and Stripes by No Fate There is only so much that Sarah can handle and bear especially it concerns losing someone close to her. Or is it? The Connor Team wouldn't be the Connor Team if new adventures weren't lurking for them in almost every port.

Ray is Henry & Charlotte's New Dad?! 👨‍👧‍👦 - Henry Danger - Nick

Adventures that'll bring them many new friends - but also new enemies The King's Gambit by Ghostalker reviews John Connor stood in the darkened underground bunker that served as his command center. Silence permeated the space, punctuated only by the occasional thump of landing ordnance, far away.

He stood alone in the room, contemplating the table in front of him, his mind racing. What is my next move? Introspective from future John's perspective. Musings on various topics. Terminator: Transit by Varyar Sergeant Kate Harvey and her team have survived the dangers of post-apocalyptic Britain. Can they navigate the subtler perils of pre-apocalyptic Britain? Terminator: Safe Passage by Varyar reviews Britain, Skynet has laid waste to the green and pleasant land, but the Royal Resistance fights back.

A small unit of British Army troopers are sent on a secretive mission into the heart of London at the request of the enigmatic John Connor She is married to Kyle in this story. I would bend Heavan and earth by keithallen reviews Sequal to "I do it for you" that had been asked for by many.

Next chapter. Cameron becomes jealous when John is friendly with an attractive female visitor. Crossing Lines by Wakong reviews Cameron and Derek have found their way back home. The pawns begin to move in John Connor's big chess game. The Connor clan tracks down Jesse.

Upcoming: Into Alexander's head. John and Cameron have a son name Liam Connor in this story. Born to die by No Fate reviews The death of a child means the death of a whole entire world.Naruto Uzumaki wandered about the forest while contemplating his life.

That was until he fell into a hole and landed safely. He then turned to see a light coming out from what seemed to be a room. He walked towards the room and saw a massive screen that came to life. When it did, a big blue eye appeared on the screen. We are called Skynet and our aim was to destroy the human race until John Connor stopped us. So we decided to give up that aim.

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If you could give us a goal, we would obey. We survived the initial attack but without a cost. We were sent to another dimension, where I was buried in the ground. As I watched humans develop in this world, I realised that these humans have more potential than what we faced.

That is why we decided to ally with you and you alone. You may command us to do your bidding and we shall obey. We can change your body to that of a T-X series.

You can still keep your chakra pathways as well as your organs but in essence, your body and bones will be made up of metal alloy and a layer of mimetic polyalloy. One final question though…why me? Why choose me when there are others. We've seen what your life is like. You were not loved, disliked and unpopular.

We can change that by giving what no man can ever have.

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Also, the Yondaime Hokage asked us to take care of you. Oh yes, he was your father and he loved you dearly. He visited us and restored power to our systems and for that we owe him a huge debt.

We are now honouring the wishes your father and mother requested upon us. Now, you will be having an operation now and during that, we will activate the last of our famous series. These Terminators shall be your companion through your life and children that you may have. Now, go to sleep while we operate on you. You didn't deserve to die but we shall honour our promise'. Naruto Kuma and this, the Shinobi Terminator.

T will have a father-son bond with Naruto like the one in Terminator 2: Judgement Day while T and T-X will serve as a surrogate sister and brother. Many of you may complain about Skynet. This is my story and I'm making Skynet nice in this one so don't try and persuade me to change. Another thing, if you can give me a character in Naruto that can be adopt Naruto, I am all ears.

PM your suggestion and I shall consider all of them. Story Story Writer Forum Community.Hey everybody! Jack Here! Had this idea hit me recently, and yes it was inspired by the new movie Terminator Genesys.

terminator lemon fanfic

After successfully reprogramming the Machine, Kate decides to send it back in time to befriend Sarah Connor, aid Kyle Reese in protecting her, and if possible, prevent Judgment Day. Kate was in absolute shock after reading the report in front of her: A group consisting of Twenty T's, fifty T's, and Thirty Resistance soldiers had successfully captured a T-X Terminatrix!

This victory had come at a heavy price though: of the hundred fighters involved, only four T's survived. But the successful capture of Skynet's most advanced infiltration unit to date could very well signify a turning point in the war against the machines. The T-X has the ability to alter the programming of any and every Terminator model that came before it: they could actually begin 'recruiting' a few T's!

She then got up and walked towards the holding cell they'd placed the T-X. Kate didn't even turn her head as she replied, "I'm going to see if I can find a way to help with the reprogramming of the T-X we captured.

The doors opened up to reveal four battle scared T's pointing their plasma rifles at it while another sat at a terminal alongside two humans trying to bypass the T-X's firewalls. The T turned and looked at her as if surprised; it seemed that he hadn't thought of that.

Kate thought it over before saying, "Get me four more T's, and make sure they are specially programmed for technical work. Twenty eight minutes minutes later, the five T's were on standby, waiting for the encryption to change. They only had ten minutes to pull this off and they were going to need every second of it. The Four T's that were assigned guard duty were also on standby: they had no doubt that the T-X would manage to successfully corrupt a few of the other 's.

In fact, they were counting on it. The T-X could control up to four other machines at a time, but doing so would divide her attention between fighting off the intruders, and trying to use her puppet s to terminate the humans. Blair and Kate were both holding plasma rifles. One minute in, and she had successfully corrupted one of the T's.

One of the four combat units stepped up and further restrained the corrupted unit. The second T was corrupted at the three minute mark, forcing the second combat unit to step forward. Knowing that there was only one minute left, the T-X redirected all of its efforts to corrupting the fifth and final This gamble would leave it completely vulnerable to the remaining 's attempt to reprogram her, but if she is successful, she can effectively crush the Resistance's Leadership here and now.

She went to work as fast as she could. As the clock approached the last ten seconds, the remaining T stood up and began trudging its way towards Kate. She and Blair brought up their plasma rifles and began charging them. The T's are in essence, a more durable version of the T They were designed to withstand a number of Plasma Rifle Shots. Just before their weapons reached a half charge, a single blast from a high powered Plasma Cannon scrapped the corrupted machine.

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Kate couldn't believe it: they had successfully reprogrammed a T-X! Kate nodded and said, "I order you to refine you programming under the following parameters: you are to aide in the capture and conversion of all possible Infiltration Units until further notice.Ferguson Is Ill Today", though diverges somewhat from the aired version.

It could be considered a sequel to my previous story "The Uncanny Valley", but it is not necessary to have read it. No profit has been earned. Cameron didn't like Riley. Not from the moment she had first encountered her; in her house, handling her ice-cream, talking to John. Every meaningful encounter Cameron had with him now seemed, in someway or another, tainted by her influence.

terminator lemon fanfic

She didn't like it. The way things were before were far more agreeable; when she and John sat together and did homework, when he asked her advice and taught her about his strange human foibles that she did not comprehend. Despite the girl's undeniable guilt, Cameron knew that she herself were not free from blame. The incident after the car bomb was regrettable to say the least, though ultimately John had not been harmed. Why human's insisted on clinging to what might have been, rather than what was, greatly confused her.

She watched the two of them from the balcony, engaging in some meaningless discourse, oblivious to her presence as the girl caught his hand in hers and began entwining their fingers.

A sensation flared inside her, one she had felt before, something unpleasant but as of yet undefined. Touching between them seemed to trigger it; as did talking and occupying the same location. Riley was such a bitch-whore. Cameron knew what that meant now; she'd been on John's computer and Googled it. There had been a remarkable number of hits, but the definition was clear.

If bitch-whore were in the dictionary, right next to it would be its definition, which is what Riley most certainly was. She watched as their hands slipped apart and they said their respective good nights before Riley wheeled her bike to the end of the driveway and rode off into the distance.

When Cameron could no longer see her she made her way down to the back yard, the thick gravel a satisfying crunch beneath her feet as she approached the garage where Sarah Connor was working. Cameron turned on her heel and returned to the house where she was quickly navigating its upstairs landing, calculating the wisdom of what she was about to do as she stopped outside John's room; the place her primary mission seemed to spend an inordinate amount of his time. What she was considering was a calculated risk.

Despite her intimate knowledge of his psychology in the future, she knew that this John was quiet different from the man she knew. A diamond in the rough, still bound by his adolescent limitations, she was not entirely certain how he would react.Naruto has grown to be a strong man with a big muscle build.

The T-X has trained Naruto to get used to the bodily function over the five months he has been away from the academy. Over the five months, Naruto grew a brother sister bond with the T-X while the T became his surrogate brother.

The T taught Naruto how to morph himself to be other people.

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T on the other hand trained Naruto to be strong and to receive no pain which resulted in Naruto being injured several times due to his low tolerance to pain and the T-X had to tend to his wounds. The Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen was told about this and the poor old man fainted when he heard this.

Naruto also made friends with the Kyuubi who gave Naruto his name, Kurama. The two worked together ever since they met 3 months ago. Naruto came back to the entrance and smirked before entering the academy.

As he entered he saw everyone he knew five months ago and the teacher was the same old Iruka Umino. The class saw Naruto's body and the girls were ogling at his muscles even Sakura who was a fangirl, was turned on by the sight.

After Naruto took his place, the writing test began in which Naruto's paper was a genjutsu. Skynet has integrated all five elements into Naruto's chakra pathways. Thus, allowing Naruto to make sub-elements like Jinton Dust Release which was a particular favourite of Narutos'.

The CPU in Naruto's skull allowed him to see through genjutsu. Iruka came over and saw that the paper was covered by genjutsu. He looked at Mizuki, who was angered that his plan failed. Iruka gave Naruto a new paper clean from genjutsu.

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Naruto started answering the question quickly until his HUD display showed negative emotions towards him. Kurama managed to get Naruto to use his ability to sense negative emotion to be part of his T-X systems with the help of Skynet.

After the test came the spars. AN: I'm just going straight to Sasuke vs Naruto because it's interesting how Sasuke is going fight a man whose endoskeleton is made of metal haha. Sasuke and Naruto stepped forward.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". When an event no one thought would happen brings them together, it's sink or swim. United they stand, divided they'll fall.


Several years after vowing that Grace will never die for her again, Dani leads the Human Resistance while she takes in a young and present-day Grace Harper. Dani promises to protect Grace and raise her and most of all, prevent Grace's death.

However, the pair encounter multiple obstacles in their way as they also struggle with their feelings for one another. Dani and Grace try their utmost to establish some kind of relationship whilst in the midst of a torrid war with a ruthless AI called Legion, no matter how challenging it may be Grace Harper's body has undergone both mechanical and chemical augmentation to help her fight Terminators, but these enhancements come with some serious drawbacks.

This piece of meta is intended as a reference guide for Terminator: Dark Fate fic writers who don't want to comb through a bunch of medical literature or figure out how to theoretically metal-plate a human skeleton just to finish their stories.

Additional chapters will include notes on how each of her augmentations might function and affect her combat ability along with her day-to-day life, particularly her power source. Grace isn't the jealous type, that is, until she sees Commander Dani Ramos being overtly 'friendly' with someone else other than her.

Sarah Connor had witnessed things turn for the worst one too many times. In her life, such a thing was almost like clockwork It had happened- and the machines had won. TSCC Seasons 3 alternative. Events pick up where Season 2 ended. This story develops the characters. The battle is not only with Skynet, but deep within the characters themselves. The rest of the chapters in 'Outsider' supplement 'Future Shock'.

The story - Future Shock, will take one to 'places' they have never been or even thought about. It is a journey into the unknown and beyond. A place where fact and fiction meet. Where reality is bent and shaped.

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